Anti-Colonial Vol. 1 - CD CD


"Anti-Colonial Vol. 1" Compact Disc, 11 Songs of our style of crossover—a blend of punk, hardcore, metal, and rhythms native to our island.

*This pressing is Self Released. You are buying it directly from the band and every record sold helps to put us on a stage near you. Thanks for supporting our art. Pre-orders ship out approximately March 10th.

1. Planned Obsolescence
2. Unquenchable
3. The Auction
4. La Esencia
5. Los Intocables
6. Fire
7. Homan Square
8. A Vision Of Opportunity
9. De Pendejos y Astutos
10. Ruido Anticolonial
11. The Balance Of Terror

Album Blurb:
“Anti-Colonial Vol. 1” The latest album by La Armada, sees the band honing in on their musical identity and finally capturing the energy of their live shows on record. After years of absorbing elements from the multi-genre bills they played both in the underground scene as well as in the major touring circuit, the objective was clear but not easy; to utilize the elements of hardcore that first drew them to the genre while adding the Caribbean rhythms that make them unique.

The result is 11 tracks of a tasteful crossover between the hardcore punk they grew up with and the lively grooves commonly heard in Latin percussion, something seldom explored successfully in heavy music. The songs range from fast and heavy to crushing downtempo beats, toppled with witty lyrics that touch on the socio-economic barriers that stagger the working class of today.